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General Dentistry Services in Plains, PA

General Dentistry Services for Residents of Luzerne County, PA

Whether you need a regular cleaning and dental exam, to x-rays and extractions, Zielinski Family Dentistry is here for you. Our experienced dentists continue educating themselves on the ever-changing world of general dentistry. Call our office in Plains, PA, for a full dental exam. Our dentists have experience in a variety of services, including:

Zielinski Family Dentistry carries the proper tools to make at home oral care a breeze, including Waterpik®, electric toothbrushes, and more. Call us today at (570) 882-7312 to schedule an appointment.

Zielinski Family Dentistry Performs Tooth Extractions

In some cases, tooth extractions are unavoidable. Whether you experience extreme tooth decay, or need a tooth removed because of overcrowding, trust Dr. Henry Zielinski and Dr. Caroline Zielinski to offer a calm, comfortable atmosphere while performing any extractions.

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable dental staff are here to make your experience as stress free as we can.

Pediatric Dentistry for Children in Plains, PA

While taking care of baby teeth may not seem necessary, taking the right preventive measures can save your child’s oral health. Zielinski Family Dentistry in Plains, PA, offers pediatric dentistry for children across Luzerne County. Pediatric dentistry allows children to learn proper oral hygiene methods and care. Whether it is proper brushing and flossing, or the right foods to eat, our dentists will help put your child on the right track to great oral health. By bringing children in to the dentist early, you also help to reduce their fears of coming to the office. If you are unsure of the right time to bring your child to the dentist, talk with our staff about the benefits of pediatric dentistry.

Experienced Geriatric Dentistry in Dallas, PA

Zielinski Family Dentistry provides geriatric dentistry services for Dallas, PA, and the surrounding areas. Many fall victim to age-related dental problems, and our dentists and staff work with patients to offer preventive care and treatment for gum disease, tooth extractions, and more. Whether you have put off your annual check-up because of cost, or just need a new dentist, call on Zielinski Family Dentistry. We offer a wide range of services and a gentle touch for our older patients to keep their teeth and gums healthy. From teeth cleaning, to dentures, all patients receive the proper dental care they need.

Zielinski Family Dentistry Offers Fluoride Treatment

Zielinski Family Dentistry offers fluoride treatments as part of our general dentistry services to help protect teeth from cavities and decay. Along with effective cleaning, fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel and keeps bacteria and plaque at bay. For those who are cavity prone, our staff may recommend an at-home fluoride treatment to better protect teeth. Contact Zielinski Family Dentistry for more information or to schedule a fluoride treatment in Plains, PA.