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Find Dentures to Suit All Needs in Luzerne County, PA

Zielinski Family Dentistry Provides Dentures for Those Missing Teeth

Zielinski Family Dentistry in Plains, PA, provides denture services for patients in Luzerne County and the surrounding areas. When losing most or all of your teeth, your quality of life may decrease. Without teeth, the mouth begins to lose structure, and makes regular activities like talking and eating much more difficult.

When anticipating full teeth extractions, or if you are contemplating dentures, call Zielinski Family Dentistry at (570) 822-7312 to schedule a consultation. If dentures are not for you, talk with our friendly staff about other restoration options.

Upper and Lower Dentures for Plains-Area Patients

Removable dentures are common forms of dentures for those missing all or some teeth. Upper and lower dentures are available as complete or partial, depending on the amount of teeth that are missing. Zielinski Family Dentistry offers complete and partial dentures, including flexible dentures, to meet the needs of our patients. Flexible dentures are similar to partials, but are thinner and look and feel more natural. Finding the right dentures can be a stressful process, and the staff at Zielinski Family Dentistry understands this. As a family dentistry practice, we put our patients’ needs and concerns first. Allow our dentists and staff to work with you to restore the confidence in your smile, and the functionality of your mouth in Plains, PA.

Zielinski Family Dentistry Offers Snap-In and Overdentures

Snap-in dentures are perfect for those who have trouble with dentures slipping or staying in their mouth. Snap-in dentures are a type of overdenture that “snap” onto an implant to keep them in place. This technique makes eating, speaking, and living with dentures much easier, as patients do not need to worry about them slipping and sliding during ordinary activities.

Zielinski Family Dentistry also offers other various forms of overdentures to patients in Plains, PA, and the surrounding areas. Overdentures fit over remaining teeth, giving them the support they need while also improving the functionality of the mouth and the confidence in the patient. Contact Zielinski Family Dentistry for a consultation on overdentures. We proudly serve Plains, PA; Kingston, PA; Wilkes-Barre, PA; and the surrounding areas.